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06/06/2016 - WANT TO BECOME A TOP SHELF BRAND BUILDER? Please go to this link and complete our survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GNHGD9V

08/19/2015 - WHAT IS A PROMOTIONAL PERMIT NUMBER? a TABC permit for any company operating in retail and on premise locations. Please keep this number on your Name Tag or on the signature strip of your ComData Card PR-813145

02/26/2015 - MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK MAIL FOR MESSAGES FROM TOP SHELF BRAND BUILDERS - If you have ever sent our email to junk mail you may not get your messages in your regular mail box. Please make sure to allow our messages through and thanks.

06/03/2014 - DID YOU GET APPROVAL TO SUBSTITUTE OR INCLUDE OTHER BRANDS? Approval from Top Shelf is required before you can modify your assigned wines. If you get a green light, please be sure to update your brand list by going to the "brands" link.

05/19/2014 - VERIFY AGE It is important to be alert since you will be held accountable by TABC. Make sure to ask for ID if you are sampling alcohol to anyone who may not be of legal age.

05/19/2014 - REPORTS ARE VERIFIED. If we find that you have intentionally submitted false information you will be removed from our approved list of contractors permanenty.

05/19/2014 - DEMO TIMES AT LIQUOR STORES ARE TIGHTLY REGULATED BY THE TABC. It is extremely important for you to arrive in time to pay for samples, setup and be ready to start on time. If you are late you will not be able to proceed.

05/19/2014 - PAY CYCLES ARE EVERY 10-12 DAYS. If you are a new contractor, your first payment will be paid a week later so 20 -22 days after. If you work every week you can expect a check every 10-12 days. All reimbursements will be included in that cycle.

05/19/2014 - INVOICE FOR SERVICES RENDERED. Page 1 of your printed report form serves as your invoice. Be sure to print it out and take it with you as it contains important info. Plz get signature from store contact on this form and submit image with your report.

05/19/2014 - OUR RECOMMENDED ATTIRE IS SOLID BLACK because spills and stains are not visible should you have an accident.

05/19/2014 - PLEASE ARRIVE NO LESS THAN 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START TIME. EARLIER IF YOU NEED TO. If you are late you must notify the store or field support. Please explain in your report and make sure to sample for a full 3 hours if permitted.

05/19/2014 - BY TABC LAW, you are required to pay for samples BEFORE you begin sampling. Make sure you do so in all cases. If you are directed to do otherwise, OK. please make note of the full name of the person directing you to do so and include it in your repor
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